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Added: 27 Oct 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Oval Racing's a Family Affair at Tullyroan
OK, Iíve run out of headlines for wins for Flemings or Grattans taking wins this season, but when I thought a bit harder about it nearly every race at Tullyroan was won by someone who has another racer in the family, Matthew Nicholl kicked it off in the Ninja Karts opening heat, Stewart Hanna won heat two, Billy Finnegan took 2 heats in the Superstox which were later taken off him when he was excluded from the meeting, Denver Grattan won the final, Cameron Dynes, Ian Riordan and Graham Fegan won the Junior Productions, Dean Fleming and Nikki McClelland took the honours in the ProStocks and in the 2 Litres it was Shane Murray, Allen Cherry and Mervyn Emerson who took the three wins.

Onto the racing, the Ninja Karts kicked off proceedings and Stewart Hanna was probably robbed of an opening heat win when a late stoppage grouped the pack. Matthew Nicholl went on to take the win. Hanna took the win in heat two and looked on course for the final until another caution. The pack bunched up on the restart and higher graded drivers including Shea Fegan and Sam McNeice got in on the battle for the lead, as they caught a backmarker they came together and Hanna once again found himself in the lead but lost the lead and the win to Cole McFall in the drive from the last bend to the line.

The ProStocks raced for their Irish Championship and it turned out to be a lively affair, with Raymond Harper and Billy Finnegan two star men coming from well down the pack it always looked like there would be action. Up from Alan Haugh took off from pole and led a controlled race up until two laps to go, Stuarty Agnew and Dean Flemming battled for second before being caught by Raymond Harper who was possibly having the drive of the race at the time, Harper got a bit too involved too quickly and was soon in the turn one wall. With only a few laps remaining Haugh was taken out of the lead by backmarker Jason Kee which allowed Dean Fleming through into the lead only to lose it to Billy Finnegan who took the flag with Fleming second, Agnew third and Haugh recovered to fourth. Finneganís car later failed scrutineering and he was stripped of the win and loaded up from the meeting, promoting the rest of the top three up.
The revenge race had a lot of potential for being a proper revenge race but a greatly reduced field and a shortage of the main protagonists left it a bit flat. Nikki McClelland took the win. On the whole with the exception of the Thunder Rods the revenge races have been quite forgettable and lacking in cars this season.

The 2 Litres set out the day with their Irish Points title hanging in the balance, Adam Hylands led going into the meeting by 3 points over Shane Murray, but on a day when getting traffic between the pair was going to be the key to landing the title, there was a severe shortfall in car numbers.
Murray took heat one with Hylands second, closing the gap, Cherry took heat two with Hylands second and Murray furth back increasing the gap going into the final. Hylands got the better grid draw in the final and was off from the front of the star grade and chasing through the pack making it look very much a done deal, but late drama dropped Hylands down the pack but Murray was only a few places ahead and contact between Philip Beatty and Murray seen the World champion sent into a spin and Hylands almost stopped to avoid the spinning Murray car, but drove around it and went on to take the points. Up front Mervyn Emerson secured the final win.
Former F2 European Champion Graham Fegan joined the ranks of the Superstox for the day in the borrowed Mark Murphy car, which is an ex car of Grahamís. Billy Finnegan took both the heat wins, but his exclusion from the meeting for the ProStock Irish seen those wins handed to Denver Grattan and Davy McMenemy. Denver Grattan started pole for the Tullyroan Challange cup and a lively first few bends seen Gary Grattan out, Jeff Minish out and Kyle Beattie on a recovery drive from being spun in turn one. Denver Grattan was off into the distance and took a comofrtable win with Graham Fegan second and Kyle Beattie recovered to take third.

Getting back to the family theme again it was Graham Fegan Junior who took the win in the Junior Productions final, his last race in the Juniors before he moves up into the senior classes, and what a fitting tribute in a meeting sponsored by his Granda's company, George Fegan Tyres. Cameron Dynes and Ian Riordan won the heats earlier in the day. The juniors are going to look a lot different for next season itís seemed like quite a long time since there wasnít a McMillan on the class, McKinstry and Fegan will be moving up, Eathan Dilly has moved up, while there is a few other havenít been out in a while, I donít know if they are now too old or have possibly moved on to other things. Hopefully the numbers pick up and the class returns to being the foundation for future champions that it has become.

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