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Added: 03 Nov 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Fireworks bring the Aghadowey season to a close
A late addition to the fixture list seen another Friday night trip to Aghadowey for the Gala night.

For once it was a miserable weather for the drive up to Aghadowey and the weather changed for the better as the evening went on, but there was a point at Randalstown where I was thinking, plums to this Iím going home again, Iíd got to Kilrea last week before thinking it wasnít for me so perhaps if the season was a few weeks longer Iíd be having that thought before getting in the car.

At the start of the season I was excited at the prospect of Aghadowey re-opening, a run of Friday nights in October has left me feeling that the Aghadowey that I remember for the olden days had perhaps become a bit of a fishermanís tale, becoming more legendary with every telling, where the reality is itís been hard work getting up there for 7.30 on a Friday night, and while itís had itís share of good races in the run in to the end of the season, itís had itís share of disappointing turns outs too or weather conditions that you just couldnít work with.

Legends are based on memories though and although the last few weeks of the season seem a bit marred now by poor car turnouts and bad weather, in years to come and those memories have faded people will likely still be talking about the Superstox Irish Open in September, ďThe Wet NightĒ in August, the re-opening meeting at the start of the season, The Stock Rod European and even the battle for the Stock Rod points and the Superstox Irish closed, miserable albeit more for the conditions than the racing. I think itís fair to say there was plenty of positives and plenty of talking points that will live long in the memory.

On the night a range of other tasks actually kept me on my toes and I didnít pay a lot of attention to the racing. The Ninja Kart final was probably the pick of the races I saw when Adam McFall tried and Matthew Nicholl battled for the lead with Nicholl coming out on top.
Roy White won the Thunder Rods which were well down on numbers. Denver Grattan won all three races in the Superstox and Jordan Rochford won the Lightning Rod final after Nigel Jackson had strolled to both heat wins.

A fantastic firework display gave me a chance to play about with some long exposure shots that will probably be used on fixture lists and PR stuff for years to come and again will be one of those things that people look back on, talk about and hopefully come back again next year to see.

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