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Added: 24 Nov 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
McFall Lands Champion of Champions
Adam McFall won the Ninja Karts Champion of Champions race at Tullyroan Oval on Sunday in what was probably the race of the day at the out of season meeting.

It was a big day of racing for the Ninja Karts with the Individual achievement award for drivers who are yet to win a race, followed by the champion of champions for drivers who had won races, which included Scottish visitor Mitch Gold.
The first race up for the youngsters was the Individual achievement award and red grader Adam Weir took the win, Iím not sure how to call this one, has he been a tad unfortunate not to have taken a win this year already, or is it a real sign of consistency that he has maintained a red roof having not taken a a win. Jack Morrow was runner up and Scott Hosie was third, Iím not sure if young Weir or Scottís father Paul had the biggest smile of the afternoon, but it was clear it meant a lot to them.
Weirís win put him into the Champion of Champions race that followed. For most of the race it was Jack Hazlett that led, but in the closing stages Matthew Nicholl and Adam McFall joined the scrap for the lead, McFall got through and took the win with Hazlett second and Nicholl third.
In the meeting final Shea Fegan took the win after Jack Hazlett had taken a heat win inbetween.
I believe there is four or five Ninja Kart drivers moving up, or too old for the class next season, itíll be very interesting to see how they adapt to their new surroundings and how much of an advantage that few seasons in the Ninja Karts gives them.

The Superstox seen a few new cars on track and a few different faces behind the wheels. Denver Grattan almost completed a hat trick, he took heat one and the final, but just wasnít close enough to Lee Davison in heat two to make a last bend lunge stick.

Prior to the 2 Litre opening heat there was a minutes silence for Richard Turtle and Lee Cherry who both past away weekend. Lee was a recent recruit to the 2 Litres and had made it onto the grid for the world final earlier this season. Heíll be sadly missed around the racing. Richard Turtle was a former National Hot Rod star that I know the name, but don't recall seeing him racing myself, but I'm told was quite a popular driver in the 80s.

With Adam Hylands having sold his 2 Litre, Wayne Woolseyís car was in the hands of Gareth Thompson, Steven Emerson is presumably looking at a wee while off after the last meeting, Adam Heatrick has been missing for a while and Mark Madill wasnít out, the class looks a bit depleted of itís star men, but these things happen and someone else always steps up to the plate, time will tell who. Shane Murray took the honours in the final.

The bangers were a tad light on numbers, but also boosted by Scottish visitors in the form of The Mob. Like previous rear wheel drive meetings it was a bit lackluster, but if youíd never seen a Hearse doing do-nuts before of a Lady picking up best presented then it had itís moments. Dave Haugh won the Final and the all comers, Sheldon Murray won a short and sweet Destruction Derby.

Jazz Moore was once again present in the ProStocks, but looked as if the car wasnít one it. Thunder Rod regular Del McLaughlin won the final.

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