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Added: 01 Feb 2015 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Some of my Fav pics from 2014 (pt 2)
Here is the 2nd part of my favourite photos from 2014, you'll notice there is a bit of a trend towards open wheeled things. I have ranked these in order.

1 - Kyle Beattie's car on the infield after taking a final win early in the season. I don't have a great eye for mono or arty minimal colour type shots, but for once I seen one, and it turned out rather well, I thought anyway.

2 - My favourite action shot of the year as Robbie Wright gets some air in the ProStocks

3 - I love taking lowing shots that shoot upwards towards the cars and long exposure shots, I wish I could take more, but you do end up a bit vulnerable lying on the track. This one of Gavin Fegan came out well.

4 - Stephen Stewart was one of the few to brave "The Puddle" on "The Night It Rained" at Aghadowey, this was one of my better captures of it.

5 - This one is as much about the story behind it as the shot itself. Having spent a long time walking through the F1 pits ahead of their World final and having no joy taking photos for the sheer amount of people about. I found all the cars lined up and got a few shots before being chased by track staff.

6 - Another nice shot of the Nationals under the floodlights on the back straight at Ballymena.

7 - This, I believe is one of the greatest views of cars coming out onto the track in UK Oval Racing, it's a shame only those on the infield can see it, but it's great to watch the snake of cars coming down and out onto the track. This was Lochgelly in April.

8 - "For what we are about to receive...... I'm off to get my coat". This was "The night it rained" at Aghadowey (I know, it rained every night at Aghadowey, but this was the really bad one, and no, not the Superstox Irish which was bad too, the worse one than that in mid August). This was actually taken on my phone as I'd only long lenses for my SLR at hand, but my phone captured it nicely.

9 - I like the colours in this shot taken at the Shamwreck meeting. If a photo ever captured an entire points championship, this was how close it was between Hylands and Murray all season.

10 - When you think of Major Championships as a photographer then you're already planning you're grid shots, but you never envisage them in the rain (unless the Championship is at Aghadowey). Here Paula makes the most of the start your engines board ahead of the 2L World Final, incidentally a scene you wouldn't get in the dry.

11 - One of my favourite angles to capture F2's is this one, just when the front wheel is square to you but the rest of the car is coming around sideways behind it. This was captured at Ballymena early in the season.

12 - A full grid of NHR's, a sight to behold at any track. We're a bit lucky at Tullyroan and Aghadowey to be able to capture these from the outside to get them all in shot.

13 - Superstox Blue roofs line up at Tullyroan, I think this may have been a round of the NIOvalTV series, but I like the angle and the shot, so much so I have about 20 of this and very similar shots taken at that time.

14 - The 2L Hot Rods at one of the rounds of their challenge series, or one of their challenge cups of some sort, on a not particularly nice day at Tullyroan.

15 - This would have been higher up, but my watermark sort of ruined it. The clouds form over the Tullyroan Speedweekend on the Saturday night, as the ProStocks race or their Irish Open

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