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Added: 19 Feb 2019 Category: 2019 Oval Racing
Motorsport with Attitude 2019
The weekend of the 16th and 17th of February seen the first running of the Motorsport with Attitude show at the East of England Showgrounds in Peterborough.

I’ve been keeping an eye on it since the first promo shots for it surfaced around a year ago, then booked flights in and out on the Saturday when they were cheap still with an element of scepticism that it might not happen. As the weeks counted down it became clearer it would happen and having got into Podcasts on the back of “That Peter Crouch Podcast” over the winter I’d also been keeping up to date with the MWA podcasts on stoxradio, it became increasingly encouraging that it was going to be good.

The general background of the show is that a lot of people in the oval racing world feel that the NEC show has become too expensive, both to display at and also for entry and in general oval racing wasn’t getting good value from it. The Motorsport with Attitude show was therefore born to fulfil a gap that was emerging in the market for a cheaper show better suited to the needs of oval racing and sold quite a bit on price, £15 a ticket with free parking, which I think came in cheaper than the car park at the NEC this year.

The show include a main hall with plenty of promotions, vendors and cars on display, a second hall which had a few vendors and what looked more like individual’s own cars on display. There was a live stage beside the main hall, a live action arena and some of the sheds also featured remote control stockcar racing. There was a good mix of oval racing cars on display, Autograss cars, some Rallycross cars and a few BTCC cars. In the live action arena there was a mix of oval and grass classes, with the grass cars stealing the show I think on what was quite a short track.

There was evening entertainment in the way of a band (I think), but we were off for our flights home by that time.

From a local perspective Gary Bulter and Gordy McKee had cars on display and there was plenty of familiar faces walking round the show. For me the stand out cars were the Mark Rennison and Rob Gibson RS200s in the main entrance, the Superstox of Nick Roots and Colin “Chopper” Aylward, the 205 National Hot Rod of Lee Carlin and the Andy Holtby Autograss Mini Pickup class 7, but it was the pick of a really strong selection of cars. It was great to see classes you otherwise wouldn’t see, Modstox, Sprint Cars and Mini Supertwos being just a few examples, but I’m sure there was more.

From an NI perspective it’s not just as handy as hopping on the monorail from Birmingham Airport to the NEC to go over and back on the day, but it’s a cracking show and if the flights work out next year I think I’d go back.

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