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Added: 31 Dec 2012 Category: 2012 Oval Racing
2012 - #47 – Tullyroan Oval – 30/12/12
The final meeting of 2012 and just like 2011 my 47th meeting of the year, with a personal target of 50 remaining illusive.
It already seems like there has been a lifetime of racing at Tullyroan, but this was the first festive meeting, with the big van bangers getting their seasonal outing and the Robins holding their Irish Championship.
Festive meetings can be a bit hit and miss in terms of car and spectator turnouts, but despite the forecast of rain and gales, there was a good turnout in most of the classes, if anything the ProStocks numbers would be the only class you’d have expected more cars out in, and I think there was 15 of them out.

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Added: 02 Dec 2012 Category: 2012 Oval Racing
2013 Calendars Now Available Online
As has been the case in previous Years I'm once again creating a few different designs of calendar which will be sold in aid of Charity. Between 2009 and 2011 I have managed to raise over £1,600 for charities which are close to my heart, and I hope this year we will continue to get a good response on calendar sales.

This year I have opted to go with 2 designs, a Tullyroan Oval calendar and a General NI Oval Racing Calendar. This year due to not taking in any 2 Litre Hot Rod meetings on the mainland, I simply don't have enough of a mix of shots to produce a 2 Litre Hot Rod Calendar.
I'd like to extend my thanks to this years calendar Sponsors:
- Bevan Motosport
- Cirrus Plastics
- Derek McMillan Commercial Refinishers
- Gilmore Engineering
- Greers of Antrim
- NI Oval TV
- NW Developments
- Martin O'Donovan Racing
- McKinstry Skip Hire
- Murrays of Randalstown
- Ryan Wright Signs
- Stephen Boyd Racing
- Tullyroan Oval
and to Darren Black of Tullyroan Oval for assisting in organising the above sponsors.

The calendars can be purchased online via paypal for £6 which includes £1 p&p

All profits raised will once again be split equally and donated to the Neo-Natal Unit at Belfast's Royal Victoria Hospital, MacMillan Cancer Support and the NI Chest, Heart and Stroke Association.

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Added: 27 Nov 2012 Category: 2012 Oval Racing
2012 - #46 - Tullyroan Oval - 25/11/12
There is a lot of things unpredictable in Oval Racing, but the one thing you can be fairly sure of is that an out of season meeting will be cold, and indeed it was. Anywhere else in the world you’d probably also be nervously watching the forecasts for rain, but this is Northern Ireland and you’re as likely to get a wet night in the middle of the summer as you are in the middle of the winter. Fortunately it was dry, which left firstly the cold to content with and then quite a heavy fog.
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Added: 06 Nov 2012 Category: 2012 Oval Racing
2012 - #45 - TVR Lochgelly - 4/11/12
The second meeting of my trip to Scotland, my second visit to Lochgelly this season and the second meeting in as many days at the venue. It was quite re-assuring to be charged £10 per person in, which in case the maths lets you down is one third cheaper than the Cowdie gate price for a meeting of a similar stature, and that is with no fancy offers on, and as an added bonus I did manage to get a burger this time.
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Added: 06 Nov 2012 Category: 2012 Oval Racing
2012 - #44 – Cowdenbeath – 3/11/12
Initially I had hoped to make the Superbowl at Cowdie for my next trip, but couldn’t decide between it and Tipperary and was trying to balance in a family function as well, on this rare occasion the family function won and I didn’t go to either meeting.

Spurred on by the potential of a few of our cars racing in the ProStocks and a few quid off on the boat, I decided to combine the final meeting of the season at Cowdie along with the final meeting at Lochgelly and a day of Christmas shopping on the way home, to make a weekend out of it.

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Added: 01 Nov 2012 Category: 2012 Oval Racing
Superstox Return to Northern Ireland
So Superstox are returning to Northern Ireland, and join the line-up of classes at Tullyroan Oval, I’m sure it is a hot topic which will have much debate over the winter. There is valid arguments that this will take numbers away from the F2 class, but also a valid argument that there is potential racers out there who don’t fancy going into F2’s and see them as too expensive, or too much travelling.
I’ve mixed feelings on the arrival, on a personal note it’ll be great to see Open wheeled racing at my regular haunt, but on the other hand I’m still a BriSCA fan at heart, although one that is increasingly frustrated by the lack of support NI gets from the governing body and the increasing price of the class which is going through quite a dull period with few rivalries.

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Added: 21 Oct 2012 Category: 2012 Oval Racing
2012 - #43 – Tullyroan Oval – 20/10/12
The last meeting of the local season for me, before we start into out of season meetings, trips to far off destinations and standing foundered wondering what it was that made you think it was a good idea to leave the comfort of the living room.

On the cards was the ProStock Irish Closed Championship, 2L National Bangers Irish Championship, Lightning Rods and 2.0 Hot Rods.

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Added: 21 Oct 2012 Category: 2012 Oval Racing
2012 - #42 - Tullyroan Oval - 13/10/12
The nights get colder, the end of the season gets closer and championship season continued, this time with the 2 Litre Irish Closed Championship.
Prior to the racing a busy week and day had been spent preparing, printing and binding 2013 calendars for charity.

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Added: 07 Oct 2012 Category: 2012 Oval Racing
2012 - #41 - Tullyroan Oval - 6/10/12
The first of 3 straight Saturday nights at Tullyroan to see out the local 2012 season, before the “out of season” meetings which aren’t as “out of season” as they once were.
I got down early to film some NIOvalTV stuff with Shane Murray for the 2 Litre’s and wondered around the pits for a bit chatting, it often amazes me how many people I know at the racing, but stuck out on infields and up scaffolding it’s rare I speak to anymore than half a dozen people at a nights racing. Maybe I should arrive early more often, although simply arriving on time has been a break through since last season.

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Added: 06 Oct 2012 Category: 2012 Oval Racing
2012 - #40 - Ballymena Raceway - 5/10/12
The last meeting of the year at Ballymena and thankfully another dry one. The stock rod Irish championship seemed quite low on car numbers given the amount of cars that have raced this season, and a big crash on the home straight further cut the field and wiped out some of the main contenders, including new World champion Chris Gordon. In the end Stephen McNeice took the win with Micky McFall second and Derek McMillan third, as they finished. McFall was later excluded from the result as the car failed scrutineering.
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