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Added: 20 Oct 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Irish success for Nicholl at Tullyroan
Matthew Nicholl became the latest Irish Champion by winning the Ninja Karts title at Tullyroan Oval on Sunday.
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Added: 18 Oct 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
The Reign Continues at Aghadowey for Beattie
Kyle Beattie retained the Superstox Irish Championship title at Aghadowey Oval on Friday the 17th of October in conditions that can only be described as horrendous.
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Added: 13 Oct 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Irish Titles for McConnell & Wright
Craig McConnell (F2) & Ryan Wright (Saloon Stock Cars) picked up the silverware and the Irish titles at Nutts Corner Raceway on Sunday 12th of October.
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Added: 27 Mar 2015 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Richardson Lands Irish Title
Joel Richardson completed the rise from white roof to Champion within a season by claiming the 2 Litre Hot Rod Irish Championship at Tullyroan Oval on Saturday night, but the race wasnít without controversyÖ..
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Added: 11 Oct 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
McCurdy take Hat Trick as Bell takes Title
Iíll start by setting the scene for this report, Iíve an awful lot still to do before going to Tullyroan and I donít have enough time to do it in. I could write this piece after the racing, during some of tonightís races or tomorrow, but Iíll have enough to do then too.
SoÖ.. going into this meeting I had expectation in my head that it would all be about the National Hot Rods and Thunder Rods, everytime I see a pic of a Junior at the minute itís for sale and the only time I see a lot of the DMC 1300s is when Iím flicking through photos from earlier in the year. Iíd say I was pleased to say I was right, but Iíd rather have been wrong and had something to watch between the Nationals and the Thunder Rods. I do hope the Juniors pick up for next season and I do hope some sense prevails on the 1300s and they can either race at both promotions and reach their potential.

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Added: 05 Oct 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Cardwell and Cochrane on top in Double Irish
Jonny Cardwell and Scott Cochrane took the honours in the Stock Rods and Lightning Rods Irish Championship titles at Tullyroan Oval on Saturday night.
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Added: 04 Oct 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Fleck and Kincaid take titles at Ballymena
With no racing at BMR or DMC last weekend and me swanning off to see the F1 world the week before, itís been a while since me and my preferred camera went to a meeting, in this time Iíd forgotten that something isnít quite right with it and a good clean maybe wouldnít do it any harm, the resulting soft, unfocused blurry images that it seems to have opted to take meant a fair bit of deleting when I got home.
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Added: 14 Sep 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Top 2 Litre action at Tullyroan Oval
The 2 Litre Hot Rodís stole the show at Tullyroan Oval today (yes, Iím actually writing a report on the day the event happened, something quite rare) as an Emerson V Emerson battle for the final rounded out an afternoon of racing which could be considered a slow burner, but it certainly didnít disappoint in the end.
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Added: 12 Sep 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Aghadowey Photos from Ricardo
Richard Boyd, or Ricardo Imaging Photography as you may know him better has sent me through a few of his photos from Aghadowey last Saturday night for use on the website, and here they are.
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Added: 09 Sep 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Double success for Bell and National Championship for Roots
The second day of the DMC Speedweekend seen the staging of the National Hot Rod British Championship, the first running of the Leslie Dallas Memorial Trophy and the Superstox National Championship.
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