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Added: 14 Jan 2012 Category: Older Oval Racing
And the Meeting Was.... Speedweekend 2005
I thought it worth writing a piece on not just the past years, but also the meetings that have really stuck out for me, and there was something of a buzz around the Nuttscorner Oval 2005 Speedweekend that just made it special.
Although there had been 2 day meetings at Nuttscorner Oval in the previous summers, 2005 was the first of them to have been branded a Speedweekend. The concept of a Speedweekend is something many of us who had spent our summerís tripping back and forward to the mainland were well familiar with, but there was still a greater audience of fans at home who had never been across the water, and this was to be their first Speedweekend.

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Added: 23 Dec 2011 Category: Older Oval Racing
And The Year Was.... 2005
Keith Martin finally landed the National Hot Rod World Championship, then added the European while Ian Thompson took the National Championship and the British for a clean sweep of titles.
Slick tyres arrived in F2, not just treaded tyres that had been buffed down to slicks, but tyres that actually came out of the factory as slicks. Graham Fegan won the European Championship, Gary Grattan won the Irish closed and Dutch man Willie Peeters won the world at Northampton.

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Added: 01 Nov 2011 Category: Older Oval Racing
And The Year Was..... 2004
Graham Fegan dominated on the local F2 scene in one of the early DK cars. Ian Thompson again went the English route to qualify for the World final. Glenn Bell won the Stock Rod World Final at Ballymena, the Reliant Robins made their first appearance at Nutts Corner, the first bus destruction derby took place as well a combine harvester DD.
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Added: 01 Apr 2011 Category: Older Oval Racing
And the Year Was .... 2003
Nuttscorner as we know it now was build, the F2 World was at Taunton. The National Bangers made their NI debut (as far as I'm aware), Thompson went the English route to qualify for the world final at Taunton.
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Added: 21 Mar 2011 Category: Older Oval Racing
And the Year Was .... 2002
The Website went into it's second year. The F2 Irish championship brought a fully decorated line up. McCall won the NHR World, Connolly won the Stock Rod World. Here is a look back at 2002.
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Added: 09 Mar 2011 Category: Older Oval Racing
And The Year Was .... 2001
I built my first website. Rob Speak won the BriSCA F1 title. Ian Thompson and Gavin Fegan took the majority of the final wins but ended up tangled in the fence in the Irish Open, and Alistair Calvin won the Stock Rod World final. Here is a look back at 2001
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Added: 27 Feb 2011 Category: Older Oval Racing
From F2 to 2 Litres - NIF2 2001-10
We've come along way from the original site, built in 2001, it hasn't exactly been a smooth run, but here is a run down on how we have arrived at where we are today.
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