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Added: 24 Aug 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Ward Hat-Trick at Slick Tullyroan Meeting
Since Im normally amongst the first to complain when a meeting drags on a bit, on this occasion Ill be the first to commend a slick run meeting at Tullyroan which seen 15 races done and dusted inside 3 hours, followed by a caravan destruction derby which was done, dusted and photos etc finished in a further half hour. Even the Ninja Karts managed three races without a stoppage!
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Added: 23 Aug 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Hughes Wins Tooz at Ballymena
Going into this weekend I think Id been to Lochgelly as many times as Id been to Ballymena. As much as Id like to go to every stockcar meeting its too much to try doing 3 meetings a weekend, week after week, it was once something Id have done a few times a season around Speedweekends, but now it seems most weekends the option is there to do three meetings and its just too much.
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Added: 18 Aug 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Cup Success for Jackson and Murray
If you read the 2Litre Hot Rod site then youll probably realise Ive run out of headline ideas for Murray wins., on this occasion it may be a different Murray, a different family and a different class, but the writers block remains.
John Murray won the Micro Bangers European Cup at Tullyroan on Sunday and went on to take the all comers race too. Steven Reynolds won the DD, which was starting to feel a bit like an endurance race and I reckon it was lap fourteen before it was settled, but in a weird way it was still entertaining and ended with a head on between Reynolds and Steven Bolton who was entertainer of the day. On a side note it was good to see a Last Rites car back at Tullyroan with Kevin Moran at the wheel.

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Added: 18 Aug 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Nicholl and Donnelly King and Queen of Aghadowey
Another trip to Aghadowey and another opportunity to stand out on a cold night in light showers. In the same way shale tracks get watered every few races it seems compulsory that the weather system at the North West venue provides its own automated track watering system. For years I thought Id just been unlucky that I could only ever remember being at Aghadowey once on a good day, putting it down to not having been very often and perhaps it had all been early or late season meetings, I now realize it just always rains there. On the plus side for spectators there is the shed and for the rest of us it wasnt as wet as last week.
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Added: 18 Aug 2014 Category: Other Motorsport
My First Trip to Autograss
Ive been going to Motorsport as long as I can remember, I grew up around F2s, went with my uncle to all manor of Motorsport when I was growing up, Race meetings, Sprints, Hillclimbs, Rallycross, Rallying, Bikes, Karts, Trials anything with and engine that moved and we went to it. Somehow Autograss was something we never seemed to end up at. I think we went off in search of Autograss a few times, but with vague directions and in poor weather we never found an event and assumed it had been cancelled.
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Added: 12 Aug 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Two Finals and a Heat win for Grattan at Aghadowey
Its not often a driver comes away from a meeting with double final win and a heat, but that was the case at Aghadowey on Friday 8th of August as Gary Grattan won the previously postponed Superstox King of Aghadowey final and went on to win the meeting final, the third round of the NIOvalTV Series.
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Added: 31 Jul 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Speedweekend Sunday
The second day of the speedweekend always seems like youve never been away, I think I got home on Saturday night at 11.40 and was sorting photos out and clearing memory cards until around 1am then up again at 8 to get batteries charged and get back to Tullyroan. The second day is also big race day, and going by the earlier forecasts Id seen during the week it was going to be dry and the worst of the weather should have been on Saturday night.. it turns out I need a different weather app on my phone.
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Added: 31 Jul 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Speedweekend Saturday
Like many of the competitors and their crews the Speedweekend for me starts well in advance of arriving at the track on Speedweekend Saturday. NIOvalTV was planning the World Final T-shirt with Clive Marchant ahead of the European weekend at Lochgelly in April, I dont think the world cup had started when we were doing the first pages of the race programme, I remember working on the programme as results came in from Ipswich, Skegness and Northampton. Its almost a relief to get to the big day as much as anything.
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Added: 23 Jul 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
ProStocks Irish Open - Rarely Outnumbered, Never Outgunned
While much of the talk this week will be of the Speedweekend and the 2 Litre Hot Rod World Championship, there is what some people would consider a support race that is more than capable of upstaging the headline act, in fact some would say it will be the headline act on the Saturday night for others perhaps it simply is the headline act, I am of course referring to the ProStocks Irish Open Championship.
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Added: 22 Jul 2014 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Been There, Done That. Bought the T-shirt? - Part 2
There is a long list of things Id like to do and see in local oval racing, and in fact in Oval racing in general, some of it is beyond my control, such as Id love to see a class get to the stage it needs split heats and qualifying for the final, the way F1s, F2s and Saloons do at well supported meetings, Id love to see a day when the F1s grace the tracks in NI, Id love to see a major championships return to NI for open wheeled classes, be it Superstox or F2s. It would be great to see big screens up around the racing like you see at Grand Prixs of major sporting events, for now Id even settle for a scoreboard like Ipswich but then again the time might come when you can do that through an app on your phone with a live feed from the mylaps.
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