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Welcome to, providing insight into stock car racing in Northern Ireland from behind the lens. We aim to feature as much as we can from Tullyroan Oval, Ballymena Raceway and as well as bits and pieces from our travels and a look back at days gone.

Added: 14 Apr 2015 Category: 2015 Oval Racing
English Visitors Dominate at Shamwreck
Itís become a bit of a trend in oval racing, our rods go to Ipswich and dominate the English bangers come to Shamwreck and dominate, itís normally the bears, but on this occasion it was Tom Waller who took a heat win and the feature race at Shamwreck 2015.
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Added: 07 Apr 2015 Category: 2015 Oval Racing
Gunner Makes it a Double Irish
Chris ďGunnerĒ Lattka made it a double Irish this weekend in the Stock Rods when he added the Stock Rods Irish Open Championship title at Aghadowey today (yes, Iím doing a report on the same day as the meeting, like old times!) to the Irish Masters title he won at Tullyroan Oval on Saturday
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Added: 05 Apr 2015 Category: 2015 Oval Racing
Gunner is the Master at Tullyroan
On Saturday night it was the turn of Tullyroan Oval to have their season opener with the Stock Rods headlining with their Irish Masters. Again if there was a good turn out of cars in the class, but again you feel theyíd be better together. Willie Taggart won the opening heat before Scottish Ace Chris ĎGunnerí Lattka won the second heat and the final.
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Added: 04 Apr 2015 Category: 2015 Oval Racing
F2s steal the show at Ballymena Opener
While much talk beforehand seemed to be about how many stock rods and Nationals there would be at the opening Ballymena meeting, it was the F2ís that stole the show at the opening meeting of the season at Ballymena Raceway.
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Added: 29 Mar 2015 Category: 2015 Oval Racing
Kincaid takes F2 Opener
The F2ís got their 2015 off to a great start with a 23 car turnout at Nutts Corner Raceway. New comers, next generation racers, former Junior rivals, call them what you like, Bradley McKinstry and Graham Fegan Junior got quickly acquainted with the bumpers in the class with a few big digs at each other throughout the day, given that the pair of them were making their senior class debut both of them did themselves proud and both started each of the races from the white grade, I can see a rivalry forming there that could be something to watch in years to come.
Graham Fegan Snr took the opening heat win in wet but drying conditions, Mark Rainy won heat two before Chris Kincaid won the final. The F2ís put on some great racing and as I wrote earlier in the week will be a class to watch out for in 2015.

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Added: 27 Mar 2015 Category: 2015 Oval Racing
Much in Store for local Open Wheel fans in 2015!
On several occasions over the past few years Iíve sat down to write a comparison between Superstox and F2ís, but itís quite a controversial thing and I know there is those who would read it that I was knocking one class or the other and more would be made out of it than is actually intended, it is after all quite a hot topic at the minute that people feel quite passionately about which is a good thing.
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Added: 24 Mar 2015 Category: 2015 Oval Racing
10 Things I'm Looking forward to in 2015
As with previous years I'm setting out my stall early of the things I'm most looking forward to. I'm sure there'll be surprises, disappointments, twists and turns and things I'll not make it to, but it's all the joys of being a race fan.
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Added: 02 Mar 2015 Category: 2015 Oval Racing
Assassins Retain Team Title at Tullyroan
On a day when the weather offered up everything from Sunshine to snow, the Assassins ďAĒ team took the 2L National Bangers Irish Teams Championship at Tullyroan.
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Added: 17 Feb 2015 Category: Older Oval Racing
New Facebook Group for Old NI Oval Racing Photos
Inspired by the various other pages and groups on facebook dedicated to oval racing from days gone, I thought it was time to get in on the act and create something for old stuff from NI. Iíve tried on several occasions through NIF2 to try and get my hands on old stuff to post and share with limited success, but Iím hoping that technology has perhaps caught up with my ambitions and where you once had to have a scanner and a degree in computing to get it all downsized and e-mailed through Iím banking that these days the vast majority of people have camera phones, digital cameras that you can take a decent photo of an old photo and access to facebook where itís easier than it has ever been to upload photos.

Any group is only as good as itís members and what they post, so Iím just getting the ball rolling here and letís see where it ends up. Iím not a huge fan of pages that the admin spends the afternoon adding their entire friends list to a group that they perhaps didnít want to be a part of, so Iím inviting you to join it, submit youíre photos, youíre videos, youíre stories of the past and please do share it with people you think would be interested and feel free to approve any new members.

Ideally Iíd like to keep it to older content, there is plenty of places to post photos of your new Astra rod that youíll be doing 2 meetings in this season.

Get joining and get posting!

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Added: 01 Feb 2015 Category: 2014 Oval Racing
Some of my Fav pics from 2014 (pt 2)
Here is the 2nd part of my favourite photos from 2014, you'll notice there is a bit of a trend towards open wheeled things. I have ranked these in order.
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