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Added: 28 Dec 2011 Category: 2011 Oval Racing
2011 - #47 - Nuttscorner Oval - 27/12/11
Nuttscorner Oval hosted the final meeting of 2011 with their festive meeting on Tuesday 27th of December, with the Reliant Robins racing for their Irish Championship, the Big Van Bangers getting their annual outing as well as a full support program.
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Added: 04 Dec 2011 Category: 2011 Oval Racing
2011 - #46 - Nuttscorner Oval - 27/11/11
There isn't much I can say about this meeting, it was just one of those out of season things that you remember more for being cold than for the racing itself.
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Added: 22 Nov 2011 Category: 2011 Oval Racing
2012 Calendars Now Available
As has been the case in previous Years I'm once again creating a few different designs of calendar which will be sold in aid of Charity. Between 2009 and 2010 I have managed to raise over £1,000 for charities which are close to my heart, and I hope this year we will continue to get a good response on calendar sales.

This year I have opted to go with 3 designs, a Nuttscorner Oval calendar, a General NI Oval Racing Calendar and new for this year a calendar.

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Added: 20 Nov 2011 Category: 2011 Oval Racing
2011 - #45 - Aghadowey Stockcar Stadium - 19/11/11
Finally, I've managed to get to Aghadowey for the first time since it re-opened, in fact it was that long ago since I'd been to Aghadowey and from memory I'd only driven there once myself (and I go lost that time), I was reliant on my sat-nav to find it.
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Added: 30 Oct 2011 Category: 2011 Oval Racing
2011 - #44 - Tipperary Motor Speedway - 29/10/11
Going into the weekend, the plan was that my next meeting would be the ProStocks and Gp 2's at Aghadowey, but having taken a blow to the head during indoor football prior to leaving I felt a bit dizzy and thought better of the long drive. So from there, Tipperary became my 44th meeting of the season and 50th event when you include car shows and things like that.
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Added: 23 Oct 2011 Category: 2011 Oval Racing
2011 - #43 - Nuttscorner Oval - 22/10/11
The final meeting in the Nuttscorner Oval season and another night of standing in the wet on the infield.
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Added: 16 Oct 2011 Category: 2011 Oval Racing
2011 - #42 - Nuttscorner Oval - 15/10/11
The penultimate meeting of the season at Nuttscorner Oval featuring the 2 Litre Hot Rod Irish Championship (that's the "closed" one for people like me with an F2 Background or other classes that run an "open" as well as a "closed"), the Stock Rods King of Nuttscorner, the Juniors and the small matter of the Lightning Rods Points Championship to clear up.
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Added: 15 Oct 2011 Category: 2011 Oval Racing
2011 - #41 - Ballymena Raceway - 14/10/11
So, there wa have it, the last meeting at Ballymena for the 2011 season. It doesn't seem more than a few days since I was panicing about getting their website finished for Easter, and the season has already come and gone.
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Added: 11 Oct 2011 Category: 2011 Oval Racing
2011 - #40 - Northampton - 8/10/11
It's been quite a few years since I have been to Northampton twice in the one year, and it is actually the first time I have been that a BriSCA class hasn't been on the race card. This time it was the 2 Litre Hot Rod British Championship that I'd travelled for and the Nationals happened to be on as well.
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Added: 08 Oct 2011 Category: 2011 Oval Racing
2011 - #39 - Ballymena Raceway - 7/10/2011
This week, I managed to put batteries in my camera which makes the night much more successful for me than the previous week.
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